Sparks' Ark Animal Services

Southern Maine's Wildlife Expert

We are different from the rest! Humane animal removal and relocation. Expertise in care and feeding of wild animals. Locally based, with over 30 years of reputation. Full services, from animal removal to outreach programs.


About Us

We've Been Loving Animals for 30 Years! We have a private reserve where animals are rehabilitated. The Ark is supported in part by generous donations from local animal lovers and businesses. We are in the greater Portland area, with ready availability to serve any animal need!
History of Sparks' Ark

Animal Control

We have 30 years of experience relocating nuisance wildlife. We are fully insured and licensed, including: Maine Trapping License, Animal Damage Control Licencse, Federal Possession Permit, Exhibitors Permit for State of Maine. The animals are treated humanely, and are relocated to suitable new habitat. We can help with locating appropriate damage repair. We are available! We can give you a prompt response, instead of keeping you waiting until the next day, or for Monday to arrive! We do other interesting things too, such as wasp and bee removal, and relocating snapping turtles. We also can remove animal carcasses! Let us know your needs!

Nuisance Wildlife Relocation

If you have any of these problems:
Woodchucks chucking more garden than you care to share.
Raccoons running rampant on the rooftop
Squirrels scampering in the cellar.
Bats in your belfry or your bedroom.
Birds chirping in the chimney.
Bees buzzing or snakes slithering in your backyard.
‘Possums spending too much time “hanging out” around your home.
“Eau de Skunk” emanating through your home.
Sparks’ Ark can come to your rescue with humane removal methods, and relocate the little critters to a habitat better suited to them and to you!

Wildlife Rehabilitation

“If you care, leave them there” is the best medicine for wild animals. Many animals who appear to be abandoned and are “rescued” by humans are youngsters learning how to move about on their own and are being watched over by their mothers from a distance. Animals that appear to be injured can still bite or claw, and may be carrying dangerous diseases. Mother Nature is best at taking care of her own, but if you think she needs help, call Sparks’ Ark before taking critters into your own hands.

Other Wildlife Problems

Buying a house? Building a new home? Closing up camp for the winter? Sparks’ Ark can offer advice about signs of critters living in your house, how to critter proof your home, and how to avoid unwanted critter guests moving in while you are gone.

Birthday Parties

Great Horned Owl

Birthday Parties from Ages 4 to 94! Our parties are interactive, with live animals! We stress animal safety, and respect for each of our animals. Our program is fully licensed.

Outreach Programs

Are you looking for ways to:
  • Expand your science curriculum without blowing the budget?
  • Bring the outdoors in to those who can’t get out?
  • Complete a nature, animal or career badge even if you can’t wander into the woods?
  • Educate your kids, staff, campers or others while entertaining them?
Sparks' Ark can bring a fun and affordable, customized, educational program complete with critters to your:
  • Assisted living program
  • Birthday or retirement party
  • Camp or campground
  • Class or family reunion
  • Day care or preschool
  • Library or museum
  • Recreation program
  • School curriculum
  • Scout meeting
  • Senior center
  • Staff training
Bat Great Horned Owl